Errors: InSync tries to sync files in excluded, symlinked folders


This problem keeps popping up occasionally - and sometimes disappears again.

I’ve got a folder that’s on my ignore list ( ‘.meteor’), and that has (several) symlinks to it from different project directories. That’s the way that particular development setup works, and I cannot change it.
The problem is that InSync tries to sync files in subfolders under that directory, and fails with an error:

Can't process 'index.js' - parent folder <full folder path to deep subdir of .meteor dir> is not being added.

Right now there are 110 errors, and this is slowly increasing.

How can I fix this?


Hey @edovino!

Thanks for reaching out. If I understood correctly, the folder that’s in your Ignore List has symlinks in it and that Insync attempts to sync the destination of the symlinks? Or is Insync attempting to sync the subfolders in the folder that’s on your Ignore List? Let me know. :slight_smile:


Yes and no: I’ve got several project-folders that have a directory .meteor that’s on my exclude list. (Exactly like that - only the string .meteor)

Inside that directory is a symlink to a global (shared) directory, also inside it’s own .meteor directory.
So I have ~/Project1/.meteor/dev-bundle -> ~/.meteor/local
(Same for Project2, Project3, etc.)

The folder ~/.meteor/local/ contains (a large amount of) subfolders & files.

InSync then tries to sync folders & content inside ~/Project1/.meteor/dev-bundle/some/package/name, resolves that to ~/.meteor/local/some/package/name, and then fails with ’ parent folder is not being added’.

I don’t understand why the .meteor exclude doesn’t work (always…)


Incidentally, I started Insync with ‘insync start --no-deamon’, and in the (ginormous) list of files zipping past I noticed many ‘.meteor’ directories. As soon as I find out how to capture that log I’ll share it.


Thanks for the info @edovino! Could you kindly send your log files to along with a link to this topic so our engineer can take a look at the issue? :slight_smile:

InSync has started to delete files again

Soo… any updates on this? I’ve now got abt 450 errors…


oh - my mistake. After updating to v1.5.5, I now have 1536 errors. (Not a typo):roll_eyes:
Startup seems a lot faster though, so there’s that. :wink: