Extremely high memory usage on Macbook

I would like to report unacceptably high memory usage of Insync.
I am doing nothing unusual, almost nothing is uploaded to GDrive.
I am syncing only a few small text / excel documents (whole synced folder with all files has exactly 50.6 MB)

But, my notebook is running like for 7 days (without restart).
During this 7 days, Insync memory usage increased to 7 GB and it is still slowly increasing, despite Insync does nothing significant.

I am using many demanding applications, but this little Insync utility
is the most memory consuming application in my OS.

If I am syncing only 50MB small folder, it should never happen, that Insync consumes > 7 GB of memory. This is extreme memory leak.

Hardware: Macbook Pro M1 Max
OS: MacOSX 12 (Monterey)
Insync version: (

Insync has also extreme CPU time - quite unusual and unacceptabily high:
(despite, there is almost nothing to sync 99.99% of the time)

This is simply very bad and needs to be solved.

I know, it is maybe not easy to spot these memory leaks, but you should do it.
It is simply easily reproducible, so with some memory debugger, you have to find, where all that memory goes and what is inside this occupied 7 GB RAM, when I synchronize only small 50 MB folder.

Let me know please, what you need from me, to seriously help you fix this memory leak and will help.

Attaching also zipped logs.db + out.txt files.

logs.db + out.txt files

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Thank you @Stefan_Simik for reporting the memory leak and CPU spike, and my apologies for the trouble! In the meantime, it possible to restart your machine to lower the memory consumption, or are you running some apps that prevent you from rebooting?

Thank you Mia, I can do the restart of course,
in the meantime, till the problem is found / fixed.

As the issue is not fixed for a longer time, I expect it is not so easy to fix,
so I hope I can help you anyway :heart:

I appreciate your patience and understanding, @Stefan_Simik! I have escalated this to our Mac Team so we can re-investigate accordingly.

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Hi - for the last few weeks I have been experiencing this as well - this morning I quit Insync when it had gotten to 5 GB of memory usage. CPU usage does not seem to be excessive in my case. It seems to do this over a few days before I restart the app to release it.
Macbook Pro M1
MacOS 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a)
Insync version…

After restarting when I posted this, Insync is now up to 1GB of memory use (12 hours later).