Fail to install on RHEL 8.8

I searched the forum but no answer to my problem. I want to buy this Insync to sync my OneDrive folder to my Linux notebook. Is that possible?

I tried to use the fedora installation with no success.

Is it possible?

the error ==>

insync file not found

Hi! Can you please let me know if this build works on your end? New Insync version: 3.8.6

Hi Mia, I followed the link you sent:

Can you install this build?

Downloaded it and when I try to install, I got an error:

$ rpm -i insync-
error: Unsatisfied dependencies:
glibc >= 2.34 is required by insync-

My glibc is 2.28, and I don’t think I can upgrade it…

Let me check with our engineers, and I’ll get back to you. Thank you for your patience, @migueldiasbr!

Hi @migueldiasbr

Can you try this build instead?
This build is for RHEL 8

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Hi Kurt, it’s working now. I got an error during the install, but it’s working…

error: key 1 import failed.

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@migueldiasbr Hi! To make sure there are no further errors, please run this to add our repository keys:

sudo rpm --import

Thank you!

Currently it is not possible to install insync-repo on RHEL 8/9 with the provided rpm packages, either here or on the official download page. I still run in the above mentioned 404 error for repomd.xml.

Hi @cmeissner! Just checking to make sure: you’re running into the issue even if you’ve tried the one from, correct?

@mia Correct. Neither RHEL/CentOS 8 nor 9 will work.

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@cmeissner Copy this.

@Kurt_Ko could you advise?

Hello @cmeissner

Could you send us the contents of your insync.repo file?

name=insync repo

Obviously, it now works as expected. I can call the repomd.xml and install insync.

@cmeissner Thank you for the update and glad to know it’s working as expected! Is there anything else Kurt and/or I can help you with?