Fedora 36 Repository (with workaround)

Could you please provide a repository for Fedora 36.
I have to do betatesting for my company and I would like to start rather sooner than later.

Thank you very much

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Hey! Thank you for this request. I have forwarded this to our Linux Team.

Could you please let me know if the Fedora 35 builds in our repositories do not work on your Fedora 36 machine?

I will let you know, when the other blockers (in our own repo) are fixed, so I can try a test upgrade.
thank you for your response!

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Hello, I can confirm that they don’t work at all. Insync starts running, but after a few seconds, it crashes.

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Gotcha, will check it out with our Linux team!

Yes, I can confirm also here that the fedora 35 version does not run on 36 (as per Isaac_Jarquin above)

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Hello all! This is on our Linux Team’s priority list to ensure we’re catching up with the newest versions.

I’ll update here once the F36 build is available. Thank you!

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I can confirm that doesnt work on fedora 36 beta…

Por favor, agreguen fedora 36 al repositorio… no está funcionando… eso.

Thank you for reporting this and my apologies for the trouble. Please do refer to my response that addresses the concerns related to Fedora 36. We appreciate your patience!

While we wait for an update, here’s a workaround that works with Fedora 36 Beta (I’m using it right now), suggested for Ubunty Jammy by @Andrei_Karneyenka here: Insync not working with Ubuntu Jammy (with workaround)

sudo mv /usr/lib/insync/./libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/insync/./libstdc++.so.6.bak


Thanks for cross-posting here, @mlaverdiere :heart:

Muchas gracias @mlaverdiere !!!

Hello! The Fedora 36 build is now available in our repositories and downloads page. Thank you!