File Sync Freezes/Stops for no reason - Linux Mint running Insync 3.0.27

File sync freezes on 3.0.27 on Linux Mint 19.+. All 12 files in queue get stuck after a few minutes. Pausing and starting sync gets it going for a few minutes and then the same issue occurs again. No errors or alerts reported. The issue halts all further syncing and gets progressively worst to the point it maybe sync’s one file before bombing out again. And these are tiny files BTW - 200kb up to 2mb. Makes no sense and seems a frequent issue reported by others - what is being done about this?

Add: And while yes, I can send logs to Support, I suspect they are using their customers to perform their beta testing and bug fixing for the new version. Needing the log files from just the early users with the problem makes sense, but this problem is endemic to the software and not an OS or install or Ubuntu version problem. I have yet to see a note from Support stating that they can (or cannot) duplicate this issue on their test machines and instead seem to treat it as a customer issue rather than their software. I have not yet purchased my $30 USD license and of course cannot until I/we get a proper technical response and committment to fixing an issue that literally stops the software from doing the one job it is supposed to do!

Sorry for the vent, but really expected more from insync based on the many recommendations from blogs and software reviewers. I’ll give them 10 more days of evaluation time to figure this out (or at least respond to the community at large with a software fix).

Cheers all…

Hi @hueydok,

I understand your sentiments and no need to apologise! :slight_smile: Our forums is wide open for feedback; we really appreciate it when users take the time to tell how we can improve.

For the stuck syncing issue-- our engineers are currently working on this so we can continuously improve and fix this in the next builds. We’re going to release 3.0.28 soon-- please let me know if the issue persists on that build.

In the meantime, it would absolutely help us if you could send over your logs to with the link to this post. :slight_smile: