Files deleted because it was unshared with you

I have experienced this error with this one and other files.

I am collaborating with another person with edit permissions on my Google Workspace Drive. But I checked the logs in Google Workspace and he didn’t delete any file.

I am very concerned… I am losing files that I cannot recover.

Do you know what can be the issue?

Hi @soygabimoreno,

Just checking to confirm: were the files being deleted locally after you saw this error message? And to check, this particular file was not unshared with you in the cloud, correct?

Hi @mia,

The files were deleted locally and in the cloud: they were impossible to recover.
None of the files were unshared in the cloud by my colleague.

I contacted Google Workspace support. They commented that it could be provoked by any issues with the files being synced by third parties (Insync). In fact, the Drive logs didn’t show any deletion.

Thanks for the support!

I am terribly sorry for the trouble! By impossible to recover, does that mean that the deleted files were also not found in the Trash folders? :frowning:

If you can, please send your log files to Here’s how to find them:

Include the logs.db, out.txt, data folder, and live folder.


Nope. The files are not in the trash.

I’ve sent the logs to

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