'GDAdder' object has no attribute '_set_is_transferring'

Continuing the discussion from Insync 1.3.2 not syncing some files, raising GDBadRequest and GDInternalError exceptions:

I have about 6000 files in my drive and only 700 of them have been synced. The rest of them is stalled with the following error message:

Can't process IMG_20150813_232155.jpg - 'GDAdder' object has no attribute '_set_is_transferring'

Google did not produce any results for this. And insync-headless retry_errors does not solve the problem. What is happening here?

I’m running version 1.3.2 on Arch Linux.

tagging our Linux engineer @lpugoy.

Thank you for your patience.


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@nomaster: Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com: How to find the log files. Thanks.