Gdrive files not downloading / syncing - says "signing in"

New files are no longer downloading from google drive. I can see them in the web interface bot not in the local folders and there is nothing in the progress tab. When I click on the icon for my account I see “Signing in…”. This is happening on both my accounts. I have quit and restarted Insync as well as restarted the computer. Some kind of authentication problem?

Hi @Rohitash_Singh can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can investigate?
How to find the log files

Can you guys not inform the rest of the userbase about the solution to issues like this one?

I have one AWS instance that is constantly stuck on “signing in” for a long time before it starts syncing. During this time, it freezes access to my Google Drive folder and any automated processes running on the folder are stuck. Eventually, if the sign in does not happen quickly enough, the automated processes pool up and the machine crashes.

Please tell us why the sign in takes so bloody long!


There are no concrete solutions for this one as it happens for various reasons. Although we do not get a lot of reports about this. We do not have a one-off fix for this issue.

Can you send in your logs with the link to this post to
How to find the log files