Getting Bad Request when syncing some files from "Google Photos" Folder

Hi. I decided to start syncing my Google Photos Folder to my PC. After finally downloading thousands of files, I have about 30 files that refuse to download and give a Bad Request Error.

So far the only thing I notice in common about them is that they all seem to be slow motion videos taken with an Iphone.

Can someone please help me sort this out?

Hi there, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can investigate?
How to find the log files

Hi. The files have been sent. Thanks for the help

I’m also getting “Can’t Process [file name] - Bad Request” when syncing some jpg files (15 out of thousands), not video. I’m not entirely sure if they’re all from “Google Photos” Folder, but suspect as much. When I click on the error message, the files open up in the browser with no difficulty at all. Any ideas?

Hi @gagashead! Kindly send your log files along with the link to this post to :slight_smile: We’ll look into it further. Thank you!

Hi – Thanks for your response. However, after about a week, the problem seems to have cleared up on its own. - dennis

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