Getting error while adding Google Account

Hi Team,

We are using Linux Redhat OS. When we are trying to add the Insync account getting the error message. Below are the steps:

  1. Login to the Linux server
  2. Copy the insync authorization code from the URL: by entering the Google Account
  3. Execute the command: insync-headless add_account -a -p /home/pimapi/insync
    After executing the above command getting the below error message:
    Error: (401, ‘{\n “error”: “unauthorized_client”,\n “error_description”: “Unauthorized”\n}’)

Requesting you to help us on this issue.

Murthy Kalaga

Hi! This looks like the same issue here.

Could you confirm your Insync-headless version?

Hi Mia,
Thanks for your quick responce.
Currently we are using the Insync-headless version
OS Version :
NAME=“Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server”
VERSION=“7.7 (Maipo)”
I understand that the above link is not answered/solution is not offered.
Requesting you to help me on this.

Murthy Kalaga

@murthyk06 I’ll check the compatibility of the OS with regards to the headless version you’re using. I will confirm with our engineers first and I’ll update you once I know more.

Could you let me know if this issue persists on 1.5.7-headless?

Hi Mia,

We are running the Insync-headless version and not installed 1.5.7-headless.

Murthy Kalaga