Hide on startup


With the new 1.5.1 client, the Insync dialog box keeps showing on startup. How can I hide it so it just stays on the menu bar?


Hey @inforr,

Currently, we don’t have this feature. I’ll take this as feedback and inform our team! :slight_smile:


Hi @inforr! :slight_smile: As per our engineer, this is already slated for 1.5.3. :smiley: Insync will start hidden as normal, and users will have to click the tray icon to show the app window.

Thanks for this feedback by the way!


Hi @miamoran and @Gregory - I am running v1.5.4 and Insync is still showing it’s dialog box on startup. Is this still not fixed?


Hi @inforr,

It was released as mentioned, but currently a known issue that our Mac team is currently looking into. Sorry about this. :frowning: We’ll let you know as soon as the fix has been deployed!


What is the latest on this @miamoran and @Gregory? Just updated to v1.5.5 and looks like the issue is still there. What is going on?


Hi @inforr,

Per our engineer, this has already been deployed for 1.5.5 as previously mentioned. My apologies for the trouble! Could you try to quit Insync, then go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and click Hide? Then from there, restart your machine.

Let me know if the issue persists. Thank you!


Hi @miamoran

Yes I have Insync 1.5.6 set to Hide as shown yet it still shows up on launch. Please advise.


Hello !
Someone to fix it ?