Insync support SUCKS


3 months later…no response…no fix…just total BS!

Miamoran PLEASE can you answer my posts and emails!

Hi @inforr!

Sorry about that. :frowning: Our engineers are working hard to improve Insync’s core so that our users can have a more seamless experience. I really do apologise for not being able to update you with a fix sooner.

I believe you have also sent us an email linking the same post? If so, I have also responded to that email thread. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


So @miamoran, any news? You haven’t responded to my email.


For real, people,
What are you doing? Discourage people by not giving support?
I got issue over a three weeks now. Got nothing but a appologies…


@miamoran - any news please?