How do I re-sync a new drive from scratch?

I’ve previously had insync sync to D:/[insync_folder_name]

The drive failed, and I replaced it. The new drive is still mounted under D:

How do I tell the insync app to re-download everything to the same spot and use that as the insync folder? The new drive is mounted to D:, and I created a folder with the same name as [insync_folder_name]. The app says there is an error

“Your account [email] is paused because its syncing location D:[insync_folder_name] is empty.”


I found this page relevant. However, the instructions linked in the second bullet (“remove account”) do not exist anymore.

Hi! Here’s how you can remove your account on Insync 3:

After that, you can re-add the account and select the new drive mounted to D:. Is that drive currently empty (as per the error message) or does it contain files?

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Sorry for the late reply. The drive was completely empty. Removing and adding the account worked great. Thank you very much!

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