Insync 3.0.xx does not make it past login on Opensuse Tumbleweed

I would love to be able to use the new Insync 3.xx version, but I don’t get past initial login. When I start Insync, I get the choice screen, I choose “Google”, it goes to the screen selecting the account, then to the screen giving permission to Insync to access the data and then it opens another screen in which it only says “connecting to Insync…”

I can tell I am logged into the account (top right of the screen), but it just sits there and nothing happens. Tried multiple versions of the latest release (Fedora as there is no Tumbleweed release), but no go.

So far it is “back to the drawing board”, which in my case is version 1.57 which works fine.


Hi @rebel72! We deployed the fix on 3.0.19. Can you let me know if the issue persists?

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Hi. It now logs in, but instead of checking the files to make sure that no duplicates are being created, it now started uploading all files in the base folder again creating roughly 250Gb of duplicates in the process. Someone else reports the same bug in the forum.

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