Insync Linux post-installation script error

This error is seen when updating through a repository or using the .deb installer. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.
I found an 2016 post about a similar issue but I’m not sure how relevant it is, or if the debugging command there might work. Unable to update Insync via apt

It seems that the installation went without any problems because I was able to start insync and the current version is 40833.

By running as sudo the postinst script (/var/lib/dpkg/info/insync.postinst), and adding set -x to check which line is failing. It seems the error happens when running the update_key function, something to do with the apt-key add command. By commenting line 96, I was able to run the postinst script without any errors.

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Hi! Our team will investigate this and the fix will be deployed in an upcoming release. :slight_smile:

Insync has been throwing the same error for me with every apt use since it upgraded, so thanks for the (temporary) solution. Commenting line 96 update_key allowed the script to finish successfully and also seemed to go without problems for me, as Insync is running well at version 40833. Ubuntu Mate 20.04