Insync 3.7.5 : no icons in Nemo


I’m on Linux Mint 20.3 with Cinnamon 5.2.7 and I’m using Insync 3.7.5 and insync-nemo 3.4.2. I have still Insync in the Context Menu but no more icons on my synchronized folders in Nemo. I uninstall and reinstall insync-nemo, it doesn’t change anything.

Does a repair or a latest version of insync-nemo exist?


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Hi @Aurel92!

Here’s a related discussion: Insync integration for Mint 20.3 (Nemo)

Our engineers have lined this up in our pipeline for a fix. There’s no ETA yet but I’ll be sure to give an update as soon as it’s been fixed. Thank you!

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Obviously, this problem is minor (from the point of developer’s view), and because nearly nobody mentioned it on this forum …

So, we only can wait for fix, which can take a really long time :frowning:


Is there any update at sight about this bug? I checked, I don’t have icons neither with Nautilus.

Edit: I solved the issue with a radical solution: I create a fresh new user profile on Linux, Insync icons are back in Nemo and Nautilus. I think that the cause could be the fact that my sync folder was a symlink pointing on an other drive.

Hi @Aurel92,

Thank you for letting us know what helped with the fix!