Insync 3.7.5 : no icons in Nemo


I’m on Linux Mint 20.3 with Cinnamon 5.2.7 and I’m using Insync 3.7.5 and insync-nemo 3.4.2. I have still Insync in the Context Menu but no more icons on my synchronized folders in Nemo. I uninstall and reinstall insync-nemo, it doesn’t change anything.

Does a repair or a latest version of insync-nemo exist?


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Hi @Aurel92!

Here’s a related discussion: Insync integration for Mint 20.3 (Nemo)

Our engineers have lined this up in our pipeline for a fix. There’s no ETA yet but I’ll be sure to give an update as soon as it’s been fixed. Thank you!

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Obviously, this problem is minor (from the point of developer’s view), and because nearly nobody mentioned it on this forum …

So, we only can wait for fix, which can take a really long time :frowning:


Is there any update at sight about this bug? I checked, I don’t have icons neither with Nautilus.

Edit: I solved the issue with a radical solution: I create a fresh new user profile on Linux, Insync icons are back in Nemo and Nautilus. I think that the cause could be the fact that my sync folder was a symlink pointing on an other drive.

Hi @Aurel92,

Thank you for letting us know what helped with the fix!

Any progress on this topic (Nemo Insync Icons)??? Latest version 3.7.12 + nemo-insync still has the same problem on Linux Mint!!!

The problem probably depends on the position of Insync folder. In my case is not sync folder at home folder but on another disk reachable via soft link.

@michal.kvasnicka I’ll follow this up with our engineers, thank you!

@michal.kvasnicka Btw, could you confirm that your base folder (sync location) is a symlink/soft link?

Not exactly… Insync sync directory is on second disk and its soft-link is located in my home directory.

@michal.kvasnicka Hello! We confirm that there’s a bug with the file manager’s sync badges if the base folder is symlinked (also called soft links). This has been lined up :slight_smile: