Insync confused Dropbox and Drive

2-3 days ago (around upgrade?), I noticed that all my Dropbox files and all my Drive files had become merged into their respective root directories (plus maxing out on storage.)

I uninstalled Insync, spent hours separating out the two and reinstalled Insync hope to have the folder back in my Dropbox folder as has been the case for the past 2 years. Sadly, Dropbox and Drive became confused again and started sharing the same files and folders.

Attempting to change the Insync folder destination caused Insync to copy/move all my Dropbox files to the new location.

Why is Insync looking at parent directories and not just the files for connecting to Drive?

Uninstalling Insync until this issues are resolved.

Hi @Alex_Hamling I apologize for this. Will be tagging our engineers @dipesh and @marte in this.

Can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can further investigate this?
How to find the log files