Insync does not sync - Linux

Hi there, I’ve been testing Insync for the last few weeks and so far its been working fine. I even paid the full version of it.

Since I have a rather large Image library which i’m syncing to GDrive I’ve been doing it in stages.

Right now I have all the files in an external drive under this structure.



Since I didn’t want to sync everything at once, I started by creating symlinks in my insync folder:

/insync/Pictures/2000 ----> /media/externalDrive/Pictures/2000
/insync/Pictures/2001 ----> /media/externalDrive/Pictures/2001

when I was sure it was working fine I just stopped insync and did the following:

/insync/Pictures ----> /media/externalDrive/Pictures

all the underlying files are the same, but for some reason insync now says “SYNCED” and does not sync all the new files from all the other folders.

what should I do?



please send your log files to for investigation. Here’s how to find your log files

tagging our engineers @lpugoy @jimperio

Thank you, I just sent the email.
Will be expecting the response


It’s been almost a week and I havent got any response at all. I mailed support as instructed, but still nothing. Is this the ‘support’ one gets when the app is bought?
far from ideal.


did you check your selective sync settings?

Yes, selective sync is fine. Everything is checked but GooglePhotos, which is the desired setting.