Insync Dolphin Integration KDE NEON 5.16.4

Hello, I need to integrate Insync with Dolphin (KDE NEON 5.16.4) but I can only download one for “Precise” with which I have an error when trying to install it, also does not allow me to install it through the PPA with APT-GET, please I need your help because it is very necessary, thank you.

Hi @axius,

Sorry for the trouble! Are you running Insync 3 on your machine? If so, we are still working on our Dolphin integration alongside Thunar.

Is there an ETA on when this will be available for Dolphin? And what’s the best way to get notified when/if this does become available for dolphin?


Hi! Our release notes are included whenever we post an early release here on forums. :slight_smile: Dolphin is available on 3.0.22: New Insync version: 3.0.22 - macOS Catalina compatible

Hi miamoran, I’m glad to know that the Dolphin plug-in is now available, but could you tell me how to install it or activate it? I have already updated Insync to version 3.0.22 and I don’t have Dolphin integration.

Hi @axius,

Just refer to this guide on how to install the Dolphin package:

The instructions are under File Manager Integration :slight_smile:

I would like dolphin integration too. But, There is no downloads in the main page, It’s only showed nemo, caja y nautilus. No dolphins

Hi @txutxifel can you try this as well?

Hi, I just tried and no, it doesn’t work.Screenshot_20191021_205037

i use Opensuse Tumbleweed. There is no repository for it