Insync is not synchronizing on Windows 7


Insync cannot synchronize files from cloud on Windows 7. The bug looks similar to described here (Insync 1.4.5 Not Syncing (Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit)), but on Windows 7. Most of the time Insync icon is dark, like there is no Internet connection, then “syncing” blue arrows appear for about a second, then again dark and so on. However, if I add or change files locally, they are syncing to the cloud. Also, if I download a file (that Insync cannot synchronize) using Google Drive web version and then add this file to the right directory locally, Insync manages to sync it.
On April 29 everything was fine, the next time I ran Windows 7 was May 3 and then the bug occurred and it’s continuing for today.


Upgraded to - bug is the same.
Also it looks like Insync is able to synchronize newly created folders, moved or renamed files, but cannot synchronize newly added files and edited files.


Hi @Oleg_Salnikov,

Apologies for not replying sooner! Could you please do the following on your Insync app window:

Go to your Google Account > click Folder Settings and check if “Sync new children of partial folders” is enabled. This setting ensures that newly added files will auto-sync moving forward.


“Sync new children of partial folders” was enabled in my settings, so the problem lies in something else.


I see. In that case, kindly send your log files to with the link to this post. We’ll have our engineer investigate your case for a fix. :slight_smile:


Sent logs. Hope it will work:)


Today synchronization works correctly. Thanks!