Insync (Mac) crashing when clicking on 'files' menu


OS: High Sierra 10.13.6
Insync Version: 1.4.9

I have approximately 350GB of files in my Drive account, and every time I click on ‘files’ to selectively sync, the application crashes.

I have three separate G Suite accounts, and the other two are operating as expected.

I am currently on a T1 connection in Stockholm and trying to take advantage of the internet speed to finalise moving another 300gb of files out of Dropbox and into Drive, but I need to move some files off my machine asap as I am now out of room.

Please advise on how to resolve this.


Hey @Cameron_Burgess,

Apologies for the experience. Could you kindly email us at with your log files and a link to this Topic so our engineers can review? :slight_smile:


Hi Gregory - already done; in fact, I responded to our last thread with the log files a few days back. Resent just now


Since I’m impatient to resolve this, I went through the process of removing my account, restarting my machine, restarting insync, and re-adding my account. Except now, of course, my account won’t save in Insync. So I have a bunch of my drive folders synced to my machine, and zero way to selectively sync. Seems I now have to go nuclear and completely remove the existing app and reinstall. Not happy.


Apologies for the experience, @Cameron_Burgess. I’ve raised this with our engineers and they’ll take a look at the issue. Could you kindly explain what happens when you say your account won’t save in Insync so we have more info?


Hi Gregory. The initial problem was that despite entering my login information repeatedly, the account wouldn’t save. So I kept entering my credentials, and saving them, and not having my account show up in the app. That was ultimately resolved. The issue of not being able to selectively sync is now an absolute showstopper for me, and I need to get this resolved ASAP. Any updates from your team?


Hey @Cameron_Burgess,

Apologies for the delay. I’ve coursed this through our engineers but I’ll follow this up again. :slight_smile:


Hi all
I made a request about this 12 days ago, but am still chasing responses. Are you able to give me an update please? If not, I’m going to have to start this process all over again. Right now, I have local files that I cannot safely sync, because I have no idea what’s going on with the sync process.
This is mission critical to resolve.


Hey @Cameron_Burgess,

Apologies for the delay our team was working on an update which was just released today. Can you try installing the update and see if it provides a fix? :slight_smile: You can download it here.


Same issue as before. Only when trying to view files on one account. The other two accounts remain unchanged.
I have emailed support with the Apple error log, the Insync log, and a link to this thread.
Is there a nuclear option? because at this stage, I just need this shit to work


Hello @Cameron_Burgess, do you have an estimate on the number of files that account has? Because it might have something to do with it. We’re still working on making our UI usable for those with tons of files.


Approximately 300,000.

This is the first that anyone from Insync has said anything about there being some sort of functional restriction due to a high number of files.

So if this is the case, what do I do now? Because as it stands, I have a ton of files remote, and a ton local. If Insync is going to either 1. only work if I sync my entire google drive folder to my machine, or 2. not let me turn on selective sync until the sync is complete, it’s an untenable proposition. I simply don’t have enough disk space. And the entire point of selective sync is just that. I have zero interest in having my entire Google Drive on my laptop.

I have no way of knowing what is local, and what is remote, since it’s a two way sync.

Please give me a viable path forward. I’ve been trying to resolve this for several months now (there is a separate thread where I started dealing with this and was having issues due to upload speed).


Additional information:
There is conflicting data in OS Finder on the size of my G Drive local folder.
When looking at the root folder it tells me that the entire folder is approximately 9GB. This is definitely not correct, as there is one file in this folder that is 11GB
When looking at the storage stats via ‘about this Mac’ in the Apple menu, it tells me that the folder is 340GB

See attached screenshots


Hi Insync,

If you are unable to resolve this, can you please advise me of an appropriate workaround?
As mentioned, I have local files that are pushing to remote, and remote files that are downloading to my machine.
Is there a nuclear option I can use to completely uninstall the application and the database (without deleting the local files) and then start the sync again?


If I delete this folder, will this reset the database, without deleting all of my local files?
%appdata%\Insync\dbs i.e. C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Insync\dbs

And if I do this, will I need to add my google drive accounts to the app again?


Hey @Cameron_Burgess,

Tagging our CTO @marte for assistance. :slight_smile:


Hi @Gregory and @marte

I cannot express strongly enough how disruptive this issue is to my business. It is clear that Insync fails due to a known issue (“We’re still working on making our UI usable for those with tons of files”), and yet you have offered no solution.

The bottom line is, are you going to be able to resolve this, or not. If not, I need to make alternative plans on how to manage my Google Drive files on my local machine…

Can I, for instance, use Google File Stream for this account instead? And if so, what is the process for ensuring I don’t completely screw up my files and filing structure?

This is now a basic customer service issue. If your software is unable to perform the task required, please advise. If you solve this in future, all the better. Bottom line, I need clear and actionable advice on whether or not your software is appropriate for my needs.


Hey @Cameron_Burgess

Apologies for the delay and thank you for the patience. For this issue, we’re planning to fix it come 1.5.2. As a workaround for now, you can use Google Drive File Stream together with Insync (as long as it doesn’t use the same local folders as destination) because DFS implements it as a virtual drive so you can just download the files you need there. :slight_smile:


Hello @Cameron_Burgess, we’re working on this now. I messaged you via Intercom to request for more info. Thanks and sorry for this issue!