Insync no longer works on Fedora 28


After upgrading to Fedora 28, I discovered (to my dismay) that insync no longer worked. It apparently has to do with Gnome removing the Gnome Status Icon Bar from the desktop. A workaround that worked for me was to install the Gnome Shell Extension Topicons-plus available on the Gnome Extension website. Insync still will not open as a GUI, but it will start and run where before it did not. I’m sure that there will be a fix eventually, but for now, this works.


Hello @Dale_Raby,

Thank you for sharing this! I’ll raise it to our engineers so we can work on deploying a fix. :slight_smile: By any chance, have you tried to run insync show to open the GUI?


Could you also try the TopIcons extension (not Plus) found here? Let us know if there are any improvements. :slight_smile:

Changing InSync settings running Ubuntu with simple Gnome Desktop

Hi @Dale_Raby

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you try installing this build and let me know if it works?
Fedora 28 64-bit
Fedora 28 32-bit


My Fedora 28 computer is at work, so I do not have it available today. As my connection at home is really bad (antenna atop a silo relayed to the house via wireless access point then routed through a WiFi extension) so upgrading one of my other computers to Fedora 28 in a timely manner is not feasible. Rockland, Wisconsin has some good points, but fast Internet is not one of them.

I will be baclk at work tomorrow and will try your new build. I am not an IT professional, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.


If memory serves, “show” had no effect until after Topicons-plus was installed, and then it just showed a short dropdown menu. I will try the Topicons link before I install the new build linked to below when I get to work tomorrow.


Good Morning: Topicons would display my Dropbox icon, but not my SpiderOak or Insync icons. It also created an error with even an inactive Topicons-plus extension. So far as I know, Insync was not active under Topicons.

The new build shows an RPM label as insync-, but installs as:
insync x86_64 @commandline 78 M
(note the last digit is “8” and not “9”
insync-show displays a dropdown list from the right corner instead of the top center.

It seems to be working so far. I am using it with Insync-Nautilus and Topicons plus. I will advise you if something goes wrong.


Confirm the same here: wasn’t working on F28. The new build works fine (



thanks for posting. I was looking for the same and I came across your thread and it was helpful for me.

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