Insync not showing all Context Menu options on macOS 10.14

Using Insync on macOS 10.14, and while the Finder integration context menu shows up, the only available option under it is “View on Web”; what should I do to reset the Insync context menu to include all of its original options? I used the “Copy Link” feature quite consistently in my project workflows so I’d love to get this working again ASAP!


Hi! Sorry for not communicating this prior. We’re bringing back the share dialogue soon, both on the file manager context menu and the app UI. :slight_smile:

Really disappointed that you launched a new version without the ability to copy links. This is the main reason I use Insync, it’s an essential and basic feature, it should have been communicated clearly at launch. On your main page, File and folder sharing is still shown in the comparison table. When can we expect this feature to resume?

I agree. I used the new folder and new document/spreadsheet/etc features every time I needed a new folder/file, and it is frustrating to have to go through the extra steps of opening the folder on the web, clicking the “new” button, selecting what type of file I want, etc. It feels like InSync released a new version half-baked, without regard for how it would impact its customers.

Given that prior to this Insync has always struck me as very professional and customer-centric, I have to wonder if this was really a choice or if something was breaking on the back end that forced a rather rushed system overhaul (rebranded as “3.0”). I personally did not choose to upgrade but was essentially forced to do so after my computer stopped syncing. Customer support made a very disinterested effort to fix the problem - e.g. not replying to my emails unless I sent followups to see what was happening, not reviewing my log files, etc. Again, this was out of character with my previous interactions with them. Instead I was pushed me to upgrade to 3.0.

In terms of bringing back the functionality, I was told the same thing back in August; see screenshot below. I would not hold my breath.

(Sorry Mia but I am calling it as I see it)

No worries at all, @Jordan_Elpern_Waxman! I understand your sentiments completely! I have just responded to your emails regarding your recent upgrade to Insync 3.

Share dialogue and Activity Feed are slated for 3.0.23, whereas the full context menu will be prioritised next and reintroduced as Cloud Shortcuts. :slight_smile:

I respect the agile development, but taking something away before the replacement is ready it is a beta/alpha channel thing to do and that’s not what us “production” folks signed up for (not on this app!).

Can we get a timeline for these user stories (Share dialogue, Activity Feed, full context menu/Cloud Shortcuts)? Estimated is ok but given the experience and time frame so far, providing visibility or even commitment at some level would go a long way towards restoring our somewhat shaken confidence.

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I’m using 3.0.23 now, where is the share dialog located?

Using 3.0.23 on Ubuntu/Nautilus and still missing the context menu options. Please give us some feedback on the timeline.

Context menus is the reason I bought multiple licenses. I really have no sympathy for removing this important feature and not communicating better on it.


Hi there, Share Dialog is already available on 3.0.24 (as well as Sync and View on Web options) :slight_smile: It will be available this week!

Is 3.0.24 still releasing this week?

Also, I totally agree with @Jordan_Elpern_Waxman on the note of removing features on a public release (and with automatic updates at that); if a feature needs removal to be reworked you definitely need to make sure users are well aware of this to give them a choice for upgrading should they heavily use this feature. If I had known this would be removed I would have waited to upgrade to retain the functionality I use consistently at work, and upgraded once this was included again.

3.0.24 has been released last Friday :slight_smile: you can find them here.

I apologize if it wasn’t well communicated. We will note this for our next major release and make sure our users are well-informed of features that aren’t in parity (if there are any). Thank you.