Insync not starting on Windows 10, not even if manually started

This is a relatively new problem that I’ve only found out about an hour ago. Insync won’t start on my Windows machine, even if I manually double click on the exe. It doesn’t even appear in the process list when I try to launch the app manually.

I have the latest Windows updates on my computer and I’ve already tried to reboot the machine. However, the problem remains the same. Any ideas what to look for?

thanks for reporting. tagging our engineer @dipesh

Hello @SonTom,

Is there any antivirus program running on your machine that could be blocking Insync’s execution? Could you try white listing the Insync executables (%appdata%\Insync\App\Insync.exe and %appdata%\Insync\App\lib\Insync-cef.exe) in the antivirus and see if it works.

Please send the Insync logs to if you are unable to run the app.


@dipesh: I only use Windows Defender as antivirus software, and I’ve excluded the mentioned Insync.exe and Insync-cef.exe from monitoring, but to no avail. I will now send the logs file as you suggested. Thanks for your help.