Insync process using 11G RAM (Memory leak on Mac)

Why does Insync need 11GB RAM?

I am using Insync on Mac OS Big Sur (11.6.1) running on MacBook Pro 2018, 32GB RAM.

It’s a known issue. See here: A quick fix is to periodically quit and reopen the application. I end up doing it a few times per day.


Yikes, that sucks! Looks like the issue was reported sometime in Jan 2020 and has been open ever since. I hope it gets fixed soon!

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Hi all! This is indeed a known issue for quite some time now. Our efforts to test and consistently replicate the memory leak have not been successful in the past, and we are lining this up as part of deploying more exhaustive performance checks to catch the underlying cause(s). We are hopeful that this would soon put this issue to rest!