InSync quits by itself on MacOS


So, I’m surprised that I cannot find this bug mentioned anywhere, but here’s the deal: I have Insync installed on a Windows 10 machine and two MacOS machines. What I am finding is CONSTANTLY happening is that, every few days, I discover that InSync is not running on one or both of my Macs. It’s like it quits on it’s own or something without telling me that. So I am constantly finding that files are not getting synced because of this.

I’ve been using the product for years, and I find that this has been a think for a long time. Has anyone else had this issue? PS - it’s not about rebooting. InSync starts up automatically when I reboot as it should - so it doesn’t seem to be connected to restarting.


Hi @soundsleit!

Oof-- that doesn’t look right indeed. Can you please let me know what your macOS version is as well as your Insync version?

Furthermore, could you please send your logs to with the link to this post? Please include the following:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • “data” folder
  • “live” folder

If these are too big as an attachment, feel free to upload it in the cloud and send us a hared link to download. We’ll check these files for any crashing/unexpected quitting.

I am also having the same issue on my M1 Pro Macbook, on macOS 12.3
I’ve noticed that Insync starts taking up massive amounts of ram, so I’m guessing that the system is forcing it closed or that something in it is erroring out.

Hey @iasoren! Do you mind sending your logs.db and out.txt files to, in case you have not?

We’ll check out the unexpected quitting so we can work on providing a solution moving forward. Thank you!

I find that it’s part of the automatic upgrade cycle. It upgrades the version of inSync, but it doesn’t automatically restart the app after the update.

It’s always worked this way for me.

I should qualify that statement by saying that I don’t notice the app quitting unexpectedly, but when I do notice that it is not running, when I do launch it it has a newer version number.

My assumption is that it auto-detects a newer version, kills the app, installs the new version, but then doesn’t restart the app to carry on service.

It’s a real pain in the ass to find that one of my workflows dies when there’s an upgrade and I have to manually go and restart it on various boxes.

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See here:

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Thank you for the assist, @jeffg and @cdixon1 :slight_smile:

@jeffg - thanks for bringing up the issue on the failed auto-restart. This has been reported in the past and our engineers have been alerted that it persists. Let me check what info we’ll need from you (ie logs) to further investigate this!

Same issue here. Happens on two different machines:
-Macbook Pro 16" M1, macos 12.3.1
-Macbook Pro 15" 2015, macos 12.3.1

I manually updated to insync to 3.7.5 because 3.7.4 was so broken it didn’t even updated itself. Perhaps this thread’s issue is also resolved in 3.7.5?

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Hi @Julien_Allard1,

We will monitor accordingly to see if the issue in this forums thread persists on 3.7.5 onwards. Thank you!

Thanks, I’ll keep the thread updated if the issue remains.

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Hi - I can verify that I continue to have this problem, and agree that it does seem to be related to the automatic upgrade. Now, however, neither of my mac’s are actually doing the upgrade, and are instead both prompting me to update to v3.7.5.50350. When I click on update, the window goes away but InSync does NOT quit, and it DOESN’T update. Even after restarting on both machines and relaunching it just continues to do the same thing.

So, in other words, InSync is refusing to update now, so I am stuck on v3.7.4.50336

This is happening on BOTH of my MacOS machines. One is an 2017 iMac Retina 5K, and one is a 2020 MacBook Air M1 machine. Both of these machines are running Monterey 12.3.1

Hi @soundsleit! I responded to the other thread regarding the solution to the failed auto-update from 3.7.4 to 3.7.5. I have followed up on the issue of Insync quitting and not auto-restarting as this is currently a known issue after further investigation.

I had the same problem. You have to manually do the update:

  • download insync from the web site
  • open the downloaded DMG file
  • copy/paste the file from the DMG to your application folder
  • you’ll be prompted to replace the existing app file, click yes (this will just replace the app, not your settings)
  • you’ll now be on last version
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@Julien_Allard1 Thank you for sharing the detailed solution here!

@soundsleit For reference, the summary of the steps were also shared here.