Insync taking taking out features of purchased license


i bought for me three prime licenses month ago to sync out startup’s google drive shared folders as well as for my personal accounts.
Despite the bugs and constantly interupted sync and not responding support, they had the best solution.
Especially syncing shared folders is one KEY FEATURE that we use.

Now, suddenly incsync has an error. I am right before a pitch and realise that as of three days ago, suddenly the core feature of syncing shared folders, is not in our licence anymore.

How can that be? I paid three full licenses with a set of features. At least in Europe it is against law to arbitrary take out parts of a contract and especially perpetual software that is already paid in full.

WTF? Insync?

I want my money back!


Hi @Avion,

As per our Pricing page here, Prime does not support Shared Drive syncing, but should still be able to sync Shared with me. Can you let me know if it’s the latter feature you lost and did this occur when you upgraded to 3.3.4?

Hey there, the entire team has the problem and multiple people at Factory Berlin. I was promoting insync as the only working tool actually specifically for this feature. Hence i know 100% that it worked with the prime license very well. I do remember that we spoke about this specific feature when you recomendet to buy three prime licences for me personally and individual prime licenses for the team.

It must have happened between 10-14 days ago? The last sync of the shared folder was on the 11th of december. The files suddenly stopped syncing with our startup shared folders. The team folders and client folders are all shared google drive folders.
The insync client now says “oops this feature is not covered with your license…”

I am running the most recent version (auto update)

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I’m also having this issue. I did have sharepoint syncing to a linux desktop using Insync (as evidenced by the sharepoint folder that still exists on my desktop), but this feature is now only available on the teams licence. I too purchased on the basis that this feature was available. Based on file dates, it seems that this feature was disabled in December sometime? It now appears that it has been removed from my licenced software. This is very poor form by Insync. Please re-instate this feature as previously available.


Same issue—just confirming that this affects Ubuntu desktop, syncing with Google Drive shared drives as well.

@miamoran , that Github link you shared does not work for me. I’m getting a 404 :frowning:

I had a thought: given that we’ve already purchased perpetual licenses, could you share a download link to the version of the software we bought (before the feature was removed) and instructions for how to block automatic updates in the future?

Hi! My apologies for the trouble this has caused you.

The Prime and Teams licenses have not been changed since releasing it (see old post here). There seems to be a bug in the licensing that was discovered when we deployed more backend checks in December (upon releasing 3.3.4).

The Pricing page shows what features are available for Prime versus Teams. Users will need to upgrade to Teams to continue using Shared Drives/SharePoint via this path:

@Ubuntu-User Hi! Sorry, that was my mistake, I used a wrong link. It has been updated. Please also refer to my response above :slight_smile:

I have been a customer for over five years and Insync seem to have moved me over to a prime license without telling me. I now cannot sync team drives on any of my google accounts - it is asking me to pay to upgrade. Previously I was told I could stay on my old license!

What is going on, is this a bug, or is this a policy change to screw over your most loyal customers?

I need a fix urgently.

we have never moved licenses (with or without notice). team drives syncing was always on the teams license.

@miamoran can you confirm the original purchased plan?


Purchased Insync Pro in 2014.
In 2017 I was told I could stay on my original subscription when new licensing was launched: "Do nothing and stay on Pro and continue to pay your annual subscription "
I haven’t heard anything from you to say that my subscription would change.

@Oliver_Jobson Hi!

Can you email me at using the Insync account so I can confirm the purchased plan?

Already an email waiting for you.

I have paid to upgrade one of my accounts as I need Team drive sync to start working again ASAP. Will wait to hear from your investigation and if I am due a refund.

Edit - I attempted to pay but the screen crashed…

Ok - I have seen Mia’s email and that you have manually moved my accounts back to Team as they were incorrectly on Prime. Looks like you have a bug to investigate.

Thank you so much for getting this sorted for me quickly.

Hi! Emailed you again to update you on the license investigation. :slight_smile: Rest assured that we are investigating this licensing bug.