.insyncdl Files permission denied

I got a lot of “.~$maxdesk.ini2.insyncdl” files and “.~$PP11Thumbs.ptn.insyncdl” spread over several folders which create errors because they are not able to be synced… with permission denied.

Tried to delete the files but they are created again…

Please help. kind regards Andy

@Andreas_R: Those are the hidden & temporary download files created by Insync which stay there until their download is complete. Once the download is complete, such files are renamed to their proper names. Insync could be encountering permission denied error while renaming those files. Please send to us the logs.db file to support@insynchq.com

Meanwhile do not delete those files as Insync will download those again.

Found a solution. Download the file from drive.google.com. Then upload the file again as a new version. It resolve the syncing issue for me