Items queued getting bigger


I am syncing a folder on my server with google drive.
The folder on he server (windows server 2012)

  • is 476 Gb
  • contains 389,616 Files, 52,486 Folders

It is difficult to know how many files are present on the google drive.

Insync shows now in PROGRESS 433606 ITEMS REMAINING (and 433606 items queued)
It looks like in constant progression (getting bigger) it is much more than the 389.616 files on the server (??).
Two days ago I started with +/-230.000 items queued, then yesterday I was at +/-420.000 items queued, and today 433.606 items queued

I need help because I do not understand what happens
and now at the end of this post it shows 433784 items

Hi there, as this is the initial sync, it might be taking a while. However, can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so we can look into this?
How to find the log files

Thanks for you answer,
How to send you the logs?
Is it normal that the files .db in the picture is about 614Mb?

I sent you the log 10 days ago on your email
So far no news from you

After 14 days (we start the sync May 7th) in sycn show 715.494 items queued and 715.494 items remaining in progres but nothing happens !!!
this is quite urgent now. Could you please explain what is happing?

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Same problem is happening to me.
My google drive (in external hd) has 330000 itens, but after 4 days (24 hours by day) has 532751 itens queued.

So I do not know if my files are being updated or not.
DB: gd2-110117140746397634549.db (787.128Kb)

I liked the tool and I’m testing to buy, but so far it has not helped me :frowning:

same problem here.
happens on ubuntu 16.10, ubuntu 16.04 and windows 10 system.

@Steffen_Schulze @fernandonula : Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

out.txt has some of:

ERROR:root:While opening logs DB
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ideskmain\clientlogging.pyo”, line 83, in init
File “ideskmain\logsdb.pyo”, line 88, in init
File “ideskdb\clientdb.pyo”, line 235, in execute
DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed

and thousends of:

ERROR:root:JS error: {u’1’: u’file:///C:/Users/GaRa/AppData/Roaming/Insync/App/res/html/js/app.js’, u’0’: u"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined", u’3’: 34, u’2’: 49950, u’4’: {}}

@Steffen_Schulze: I see. Please send the logs to

Same here Windows 10, over 460,000 sitting in queue and the queue getting larger. Insync hasn’t uploaded anything in two days…have just loaded on Syncdocs and within a couple of hours building database - woosh of it goes uploading.