KDE Dolphin overlay icons (fixed in latest packages)

new insync 3.16 works great under KDE 5.9.5 and Dolphin 17.04.1… but no overlay icons at all.

Do you plan to add this (almost indispensable) feature?

Tnx for your great work,

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@rrkradio: Apologies, no plans as of yet. There is an experimental plugin available here (https://github.com/insynchq/dolphin-insync-plugin) but it only works with KDE 4.

@lpugoy I’ve been waiting for this feature for a very long time (and I bet all other KDE users out there too).

There is a publicly available dolphin plugin that adds overlay icons for Dropbox. You could grab the code and adapt it to Insync.

It’s in the dolphin-plugins package (on openSUSE).

@lpugoy : Now with KDE Plasma more popular than ever it would be good if Insync could offer overlay icons for Dolphin. There’s a plugin for Dropbox that works great. I’m sure it can be adapted to work for Insynch.


KDE is more popular than ever. Dropbox is crippling their Linux support. Now is the time for inSync to offer full KDE support with overlay icons in Dolphin! Please!

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We’re listening! :slight_smile: I’ve noted this down and will bring it up with our team accordingly.

Is this feature available now as I am planning to switch to kde soon and would love to have this feature??

Hi @mechaprabal,

Just wanted to confirm if you’ve tried installing the insync-dolphin package?

Yes, I have installed KDE plasma and now using Dolphin. I have migrated from MATE which uses Caja as default and that application has support for overlay icons for Insync but I am eagerly waiting for the same feature in Dolphin file manager.

insync-dolphin package provide right-click options for insync specific tasks in dolphin file manager.
I was requesting overlay icon for the folders inside dolphin as available in caja file manager.

Please provide this feature!

@miamoran you say you’re listening, but… how long do we have to wait for this?
This request has been active for several years now!!
Dropbox does it, NextCloud does it… what is blocking you from implementing it?

I would like overlay icons in dolphin too and when you do release this feature.


I am on KDE too, and would like to have the sync status overlay icons on the folders as well. The currently available insync-dolphin does not appear to provide this.

Hi @Auslander,

I’ve escalated this to our Linux engineers for feedback. I’ll update this thread accordingly!


please update this thread about progress in overlay icons. I also require that feature. I am on insync pro and using kde with dolphin file manager

I’m using Insync since 2017 and still waiting for Dolphin overlay icons. Hope it can be done soon…

me too
I’d like to have icons in Dolphin

I wish I had this too. And also, I would like the folder sharing function which is available for nautilus.

October 2020 and still no overlay icons for KDE users, not even an update. :unamused:

April 2021 and still no overlay icons for KDE users, not even an update. :unamused: