License downgrade?

just realized that with the new licensing schema my shared drives syncs stopped working. I have a prime license and always could sync my shared drives. Did I get a downgrade? Do I need to buy another type of license to be able to use shared drives sync?

Hello! It has caught our attention that some of our Prime users were able to access the Shared Drives when we deployed more backend checks after we released v3.3.4. We apologize for the confusion and the bug that you’ve encountered.

As per our 2018 Forums post, Prime licenses are only limited to the My Drive/Files & Shared With Me parts of the cloud storage. While Teams license allows you access to the Shared/Team Drives.

If you want to access the Shared/Team Drives, you’ll need to upgrade your license to Company here.

Again, we apologize for this and thank you for letting us know about it.

Have a nice day!