Memory usage on the high?

Hi @pgSnake! If you haven’t, could you send your logs.db and out.txt to with the link to this post? :slight_smile:


FYI, following removal of one Google account (the smaller one by far), purging of the 10GB of logs, and a restart of Insync, memory usage rose to 573MB pretty quickly and then stabilised. It also got back in sync within a few minutes, which previously it was struggling to do.

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Hi, I have the same problem and have been watching this thread. Is this going to be fixed, if not I will cut my losses and move on, as the longer it goes on the more memory uses, it’s been up to 70% of my memory and the 6 month old iMac, it slows down to unusable unless I exit the app reguarly. Then I have to wait for ages for it to restart or worse still I forget to turn it back on!

Hi! We are still looking into the causes of memory leak-- could send me your logs.db and out.txt files so we can check the debugging and see further where the issue could be? Thank you :slight_smile:

Took me a while to realize that some performance issues I’ve been having due to increase swap exchanges were due to Insync using up a LOT of RAM. I just caught it using 7 GB of my 16 total available. I often leave my computer running for days at a time, as I’m sure most Linux users do. With only 3 days uptime, Insync was using a lot of RAM. I did find that my token had expired and I had missed the notification. It seems if there is an error, the app keeps trying to do something and has a memory leak.

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Thank you for bringing this up! Could you please send me your logs.db and out.txt files? Since you mentioned you’re on Linux, these files are in ~/.config/Insync.

Having the same issue here on two different MacOS computers; MBP15 w/ Catalina (11.63GB current usage) and Mac Mini M1 (4.79GB current). The memory usage goes as high as 25GB on the Mac Mini, which exhausts the App Memory and crashes the system. Same symptoms as the others; it starts small and then goes up as the computer stays on for a long time with no restart).

Hi @cemilkor,

If you haven’t, please send your logs to and include the following files in the folder:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • data folder
  • live folder

If these are too big for an attachment, feel free to send us a link so we can download these.


Insynch memory usage has now reached 40gb. I have seen over 100gb!

I have sent logs etc to support, I’d appreciate a reply


Thank you for sending the logs to us, @David_Hawdale. We’ll check it out and forward to our engineers accordingly.

Mine is not as extreme as some of the others but its still WAYYY to high. When i restart memory usage is reasonable but it keeps growing over time. I only have ~4GB of storage in my connect account (google drive). Everything is synced (and has been for quite some time) so this is not an intermittent problem. It keeps growing over time. I’m using version I have seen multiple requests for logs from people but i haven’t seen any reports that the issue had been corrected. I’m using osx big sur.

I’ve been super happy with Insynchq in terms of the sync. Google Backup and Sync so many times messed stuff up but if this memory issue is not resolved quickly i will be going to something else.

Hi @ncage,

I’ve noted this report – seems like it’s also commonly happening on Big Sur so we’ll have to dig deeper into what’s causing the memory leak.

I also have had huge mem usage on big sur. Insync was up to 30gb after initial sync.

Once synced, I quit and relaunched and let it run overnight. It was then at 600mb, not so bad… But system memory usage alerts were there and so I suspect it had been a lot higher overnight.

My first post on this thread was in November 2019 when I was running Catalina.
It’s now May 2021, I’m running v3.3.10 on Big Sur, and there has been hardly any improvement.
1,87 GB, uptime is less than a day.

The first report of this issue on Mac goes back to October 2019.
Is there an explanation as to why this hasn’t been fixed in 1 year and 7 months?
I don’t see how Mac users can use your app on a daily basis like this.

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The thing with memory usage though is that in the age of dynamic memory management and interpreted languages reported memory usage doesn’t necessarily mean all that much.

How many modern applications work nowadays is they will use as much memory as they need in order to run as performant as possible. But if the system indicates that it is running low on memory, they will release the memory back to the operating system so that whatever application actually needs it can use it.

571MB may seem like a lot, but I am syncing a lot of files and my system has 48GB of RAM in it. It may very well be that InSync uses several GB of RAM in order to run well, but that your system is not actually running less efficiently because of it – it’s likely that when the system is running short on memory, applications like InSync will run “garbage collection” and release memory back to the system.

Developers of InSync could force this “garbage collection” to happen, making InSync use less memory, but the performance penalties may be severe and there is almost certain to be no benefit to doing so.


Don’t worry about what your task manager says the memory usage is, unless you are experiencing performance problems because of it.

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Wanted to share this truly impressive memory usage by InSync on the latest version of macOS.

Performance isn’t too bad but this MBP 16 is running quite hot. I’ve just restarted, we’ll see how quickly it starts ticking up again.

My apologies for the trouble @jacob2! Could you please also send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this Forums post? For reference, here’s how you can find these 2 files:

The guide shows you how to find the logs via 1) the app UI and/or 2) Finder. Thank you!

my workaround is this:
insync quit
sudo pkill insync
sudo cgcreate -t $USER:$USER -a $USER:$USER -g memory:insyncmem
echo 3G > /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/insyncmem/memory.limit_in_bytes
cgexec -g memory:insyncmem insync start


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Thank you for sharing your workaround, @Alexandre_Cassimiro :slight_smile: We appreciate users like you!

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