Moving Folders Causes Redownload

So, I’m on . I just recently moved some files to a subfolder on my drive. Now, Insync caught this and is syncing, but it deleted the local folders and is then redownloading all of the files. I only have a 6mbps internet connection, so it is kind of crippling. I couldn’t find information on this specifically, so I was just wondering if there was some specific reason that the files have to be deleted and redownloaded rather than just moved?

Hi @Nih_Jack,

Could you describe if the files you moved into the subfolder were previously synced? Furthermore, was the subfolder also synced?

Maybe related?

Yes, I can describe it a little better. I keep a working folder that I do everything for work and school on. My desktop, laptop and phone all have a synced folder to the root of the drive. So, it seems that, if I move a folder on the desktop or laptop, the other will not move the folder, but will delete and re-download that folder. It normally wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I have very slow internet.

Hi @Nih_Jack.

When you say that “the other will not move the folder”-- are you pertaining to the other machine that you use?