New Account Added on "Trial", but I already have insync plus



In December, I installed Insync, added my personal Google account and my school’s Google account, and then I subscribed to Insync Plus. This summer, I switched schools (I’m a teacher). I deleted my old school account and added my new school account. After doing so, I was met with a message saying I had 15 days left on my Insync Plus trial. I already have a subscription, though.

Please let me know how to add the new account without having to pay $15 a second time within my existing subscription period.



Hi @Vaughn_Grisham, I emailed you, but can you kindly send in your old and new account to

Thank you :smile:


My old account was and I’d like to replace it with



Hi @Vaughn_Grisham it seems like both accounts are paid for.

Would you like me to cancel one license for you?

If yes let me know what account you would want to have the license cancelled.


@jaduenas i have the same problem, i sent you an email this morning, need urgent solution please


I have more or less the same issue. I have insync plus with 3 accounts, I wanted to delete one and add a new one.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


Hi @Miguel_A_Rangel_Yuss have you tried accessing your dashboard? How to add members to my subscription using the dashboard (Pro/Business)

@ChefDavidMiras I have received your email and will respond to it asap



Hi @jaduenas! that did the trick

Thanks a lot!