New files getting replaced by older ones

Hello. Recently I’ve been experiencing a very dangerous issue with insync. This is not the first time I’m having trouble with this program. I already reported a bug (here: Deleting and recreating a folder might get your data deleted?), and it got TOTALLY ignored. I seriously want my money back because I’m not using anymore such an unreliable software.

The problem I’m having now is the following:

I use insync on two computers, one with linux (work) and other with windows (home), and I keep syncing my files between these two computers.

However, yesterday, after a entire day of work, when I got home and turned on my computer, the files that were in my home computer just replaced the ones on the cloud. I thought this was a problem with my home computer, so I just ignored it and got back to work the next day. But the next day, when I turned on my work computer, the files were replaced by the older ones from my home computer.

Simple as that, I lost an ENTIRE day of work. The newer files were not in the trash. And what’s funny is that insync did not keep a log of this. The feed won’t show any file edited or anything, it simply got replaced.

Of course, now I’m not using insync anymore. And seriously, even if this bug gets solved, I’m now afraid of using this program. Who knows which files I can lose due to future bugs? You should be ashamed.


Hi @PericlesCarvalho,

My deepest apologies for what happened! :frowning: Could you let me know if the files in the work computer were completely synced prior to opening your home computer?

Please also send your logs and include the OS and Insync version for both machines. Email it to with the link to this post.

Thank you!

I noticed the same problem here so I only use Insync on one computer (linux)

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I can confirm the similar problem (for GoogleDrive, not for OneDrive!), but only in a case when one of computers is running on Windows platform. For Linux computers only, the synchronization works always well.

I can confirm that removing and re-adding the account fixes this problem (on Linux), but the problem is really annoying and should be fixed ASAP.

So far, there is no guarantee, that synchronization works well and moreover users can not reports this problem properly, because is not possible to find any relevant data in the logs!!! Insync3 still does not produce highly stable behavior during synchronization. So how can we trust that our data are safe??? The only secure solution is independent backup of data stored on cloud driver.

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This is terrifying. I just checked on one of my files and am having the same problem. It has somehow reverted to an older version of the folder and the changes are missing. Can someone help?

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Hi @Risato,

Can you email your logs to with the link to this post? Please include your OS, Insync version, and your current setup prior to the changes being lost.

Thank you!