New Insync version: 1.2.18


Release notes:

  • Fixed having unnecessary processing triggered by browsing a folder in Google Drive web.
  • Increased limit for syncing multiple files with the same name in the same folder.
  • Fixed some files not changing when switching conversion options.
  • (Linux) Fixed not being able to use the new ignore list for headless.

Ubuntu 13.10 and older: 64 bit, <a href=""32 bit headless: 64 bit, 32 bit
Ubuntu 14.04 and newer: 64 bit, <a href=""32 bit
Debian: 64 bit, 32 bit headless: 64 bit, 32 bit
Fedora 20 and older: 64 bit, 32 bit headless: 64 bit, 32 bit
Fedora 21 and newer: 64 bit, 32 bit
Portable: 64 bit, 32 bit

Please help test.




This version works much better: no more eternal Syncing metadata. Congratulations!!
Two days ago, I installed Insync in a second computer to have synced my home PC and my office PC with Google Drive. PERFECT! Insync worked fast and reliable from the first moment to the end, downloading 220 GB from Google Drive in less than 24 hours. I could check no idle times, no more hours stuck in “syncing metadata”. So I can say proudly the last version has improved a lot. Good job guys! Now… Go for the next goal: Install, compare and sync. :wink:

Linux Mint 17.2 - 64bit.



Created account on support system and logged in, only to say “big thanks for good work”! I’ve just uploaded massive amount of files (thousands of small files, sum up to ~30 GB) to Google Drive using Insync 1.2.18 - I’ve started it before going to bed and everything was done before my wake up. Nice!

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Karol Zalewski


Hey guys,
any news for the “save the folder to a specific path”?


File Matching is here! (New Insync version: 1.3.0)

Hi @sbrusse if everything goes well with our internal testing it may be available in a few weeks :smile:


This is great news!
This will change so much for me, it’s been more than a year I’m waiting this to be able to use insync in production!

Please let us know when this becomes available.

If I can be part of the testing process, I would be happy to help tracing down issues/bugs.



Hi @sbrusse crossing our fingers it goes well, I’ll tag our engineer in this just in case we need more test users :slight_smile: @marte