Feature requests

Solution to speed up large folder structures (3)
More feedback as to what is happening in the GUI (2)
Links should not be copied or at least make it optional to do so (1)
Selective Sync to different directories (3)
KDE Dolphin overlay icons (9)
Cloud2cloud sync (1)
OneDrive Support ( 2 ) (26)
Bandwith limiting when uploading ( 2 ) (34)
Syncing photos to Google Photos with unlimited storage (6)
Is there a chance to have an ETA indicator? (2)
"Actions Required" needs improvements (4)
Raspberry pi Insync update? (7)
Insync as Flatpak (Linux) (12)
Multi-Thread Upload/Downlaod ( 2 ) (34)
Display Unsynced items as links inside the chosen G-drive folder (7)
Detect local file moves & renames happened when Insync is *not* running (2)
Local Network / P2P Sync first, GDrive Download second (4)
Upload and delete local file, download and delete GD files... and so on (8)
Please implement proper GNOME support (11)
Doplhin Emblems Support (8)
Don't sync on specified networks (4)
Implement mount remote Google Drive disk with downloading files on demand (9)
Notification sound (5)
Insync-headless get_logfile (6)
Share Download Link option (4)
Can I use InSync to upload only (6)
Sync unix file attributes (read, write, execute) for owner, group and others (3)
Pantheon Files Integration ( 2 ) (30)
Full support of symlink files in InSync: provide selective symlink handle type (4)
Provide stop and status command aliases to insync-headless arguments (2)