New Insync version: 1.3.21 (Windows-only: Fix to getting the path resulting in cycle)


Hello Insyncers,

We would like to apologise for the regression bug that crept in in 1.3.19 and broke syncing for many of the users on Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008.

The affected users experienced multiple “Can’t process [filename]” errors with “Getting the path of [file_number] either results to cycle or is very long” or “Getting the tree for [file_number] either results to cycle or is very long” messages because of a change in the way we process files that broke in these particular versions of Windows. With Insync 1.3.21, we fixed this issue. Unfortunately, those affected might have to re-setup their accounts in order to continue syncing:

1) Install 1.3.21
2) Remove account
3) Add account – during setup, you can select the existing Insync folder and Insync will match the files present in there and transfer the changed/new files.

We’re really sorry about this and we’ll implement more steps in our process in order to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for your feedback and support!

'Getting the tree for 1 either results to cycle or is very long' error
Getting the path of [number] either results to cycle or is very long
'Getting the tree for 1 either results to cycle or is very long' error
'Getting the tree for 1 either results to cycle or is very long' error
Can't process - Getting the tree error
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Is it possible to get an MSI installer for 1.3.21 ?
I have installed on my work desktop in the past with an MSI but can’t install from an EXE
Please advise is MSI is available and where to download
If no MSI is it possible to install EXE without admin user privileges - please advise how


@Noblejoker Please find it here: Insync MSI


@dipesh Thank You very much


Is there a way to fix this by editing the SQLite database without having to setup the whole account again? Because I’ve seen that root folders/files are linked to parent_id 1 but the object with id 1 is itself linked to a folder further down in the tree - and thus creating a circular reference.


@mbirth There could be other circular paths too. Hence, we recommend that you remove account and set it up again on the same folder.



Hello there,

We have almost 15 users using insync across various windows computers and laptops. We noticed files not syncing - the actual behaviour was that a huge number of files/folders had removed themselves from the actual Google Drive on the web. We saw this article to fix the issue and it worked, insync is now syncing.

BUT - A HUGE PROBLEM. As insync across 15 users are now syncing we have a huge number of duplicate files. WE NEED YOUR HELP ASAP.



@Admin_Nurture_Groups Please tell us the details about duplicates and send the Insync logs and dbs folders from the affected machines to The dbs folder is located at the same location as that of logs.db file’s.



Hi Dipesh,

I have just sent you insync logs and dbs folder for investigation,

Kindly get back as soon as possible,



Hi Dipesh,

I am still waiting to hear from to fix this duplicate issue,

Please update as early as possible,



Good luck getting support. I have 20 sites with similar issues.