New Insync version: 1.5.3


Release notes:

  • Fixed various app window UI issues
  • Mac: updated app to start in the background


Linux, 64-bit:

Please help us test :smile:


Team Drives syncing takes forever (4 weeks now)
Files where removed from pc and doesn't sync any more

System tray icon does not reflect the correct status of Insync
Insync is stuck in "Scanning for changes"

I have been having problems syncing since I got InSync, 1 month ago. I have to sync 2 relatively small folders (not more than 10GB each) that are subfolders of a huge drive folder. The problem is that apparently, the app is trying to list all the files in the huge folder, and it keeps saying that there are around 600000 items remaining. This amount goes down really slowly. I have ubuntu 16.04, and I have already disabled the option “Sync new children of partial folders”. Right now, InSync is being useless for me, since I cannot get the files I want. Is there any knowledge and quick fix of this issue?



Hi @Angel_Romero! Sorry for the trouble. :frowning: Upon setup, Insync scans/indexes through your Drive for file-matching to make sure that no files are duplicated. Have you tried to remove account > uninstall > reinstall > re-add account? If not, please try and let me know if the issue persists.

Otherwise, send your log files to with the link to this post. Thank you!



After some days it finally synced everything. I did realise though that when the “There are xxxxx items remaining” message doesn’t move, when I reset the app all of a sudden the number was down by 20k to 50k. What I did to solve the problem was, hence, reset the app many times until the number got close to zero. I sent the log files to so that you guys can check it out.