NixOS? Portable insync?

Any love for NixOS? Someone has an ancient version based on portable up.

Also, what happened to the portable download? I think it used to be on the site! I wanted to try to update the nixpkg to the latest.


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Hi @big_bunny,

I will +1 this as a request to have a NixOS build. :slight_smile: Insync portable is available for 1.x versions that sync Google Drive accounts. I’ve reached out to our engineers to see if we can get a link for you to download. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I need it for Onedrive though. I will try extracting and playing around with some of the other OS builds and see if I can get it running in the meanwhile. :cry:

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Since insync-headless v3 is now out, I tried to package it today, but without success.
I can start the daemon, but the CLI still tells me that it’s not running.

I’ve uploaded my current code here:

Even when running in debug mode, it’s not clear to me why it’s not working. Only insync devs will be able to tell, I fear.

I’ve also created an Issue on nixpkgs. Maybe the maintainers of the old package can help. You can find the issue here:

FWIW, I have trying to put insync-v3 back to work in nixpkgs. With insync there few issues:

  1. (BLOCKER) python 3.7 is removed from nixpkgs unstable.
  2. It is suspected that Insync sanitizes XDG_* environment variables, hence the notification icon cannot be located in a non-FHS system like Nix (the exact the reason for XDG_DATA_DIRS !).

I’d love to get some official insync help on this one.

Actually now it is fixed:

I will be maintaining the package going forward :slight_smile:

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