No sync in 6 days [OSX 10.10.3, Insync 1.2.9]


  • New and modified files have not synched with Google Drive in days.
  • Last modification displayed in the feed is 6 days old.
  • Insync icon shows blue sync symbol, but no synching is happening. There is nothing in the progress queue.
  • The insync taskbar menu is very slow to appear once clicked.
  • The problem is only with my iMac. My MacBook Pro (same OS) does not seem to have problem synching new and modified files.

[EDIT] This seems to be happening with my Google Business account only, not with my regular account. Could it be a difference in the API version between the two accounts? Though this would not explain why it works fine on my MacBook Pro.

@sjmgarnier Is there also nothing under Errors or Actions Required? Could you send in your logs ( How to find the log files ) to so we can check if that account is encountering any errors?

No, nothing under Errors or Actions Required. I’m emailing you the logs in a minute.