Not syncing after move to new server

Hi, I had to move to a new server (Server 2012) and restored files from most recent backup. After installing InSync and logging in I noticed files were copied from Google Drive but are no longer syncing - no new files are added to the Google drive from the server.
I tried uninstall/reinstall but went right back to the above situation - and I seem unable to find the option to mark the folders that I want to sync.

How do I do a ‘fresh Install’ - where I get to select the folders to sync?

The product is great and we really want to continue using it! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

@EricDavelaar: Sorry for the delayed response. Please visit the following how-to page to see how to selectively sync files and folders:

If you want to start afresh, you will have to remove account and add again but you shouldn’t to it unless it is really needed. Please note that starting afresh requires re-downloading all the files. If you are still experiencing issues, kindly send to us the logs.db file from your machine to


Dipesh, thank you for the suggestion but I needed to “go the other way around”: I need to get files & folders synced TO the Google Drive in order to be able to work off premises and have an additional backup.
I apologize for not responding sooner but had to continue on other urgent projects.

Thank you!

@EricDavelaar: Go to the parent folder of the example file which is not uploading, right click it -> go to the context menu option Insyync -> “Force sync”. Let us know if it works then. Also, kindly send to us the logs at


Hi Dipesh,
There is no Insync option in the context menu.

@EricDavelaar: Do the files not upload even after you have re-started Insync? Please send to us the logs.db file at

Re: missing context menu, are you running Insync under the default administrator account? If yes, please install it under the non-default admin or non-admin account (but with admin rights) to get the Insync context menuitems. Please read the explanation here: Insynch menu not showing when right click on folders