Please give back insync-headless command line tool in 3.0 version!

After releasing 3.0 version of Insync, you are silently remove very useful insync-headless tool! Please give back it, because it is very-very useful for sync Google Drive on servers without GUI, and even on desktops (for start syncing in background on computer boot, not only after user login). Controlling Insync daemon via cli commands also is more powerful for automating via scripts!

So, please answer, did you plan to give back Insync 3.0 headless version? And can you provide some estimate time for release?


Hi there, we currently do not have a timeline yet for headless on Insync 3. We announced its absence on our blog release here.

I apologize for this. Does the version on 1.5 no longer work for you as it should since we did not take it down: Insync version: 1.5.7

Where can I download last working version of insync-headless package for Ubuntu 19.10? I can’t find any link to it on website downloads page.

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That’s hardly the point is it? What if someone wants version 3 but headless? Removing this functionality is a retrograde step.

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We currently do not have an Insync headless version for Insync 3.0. However, we are planning to reimplement this in the future. I apologize for not being able to implement this yet in 3.0.

I would like to see this also.

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Irresponsible. A key feature is removed, and the team says it will be added back “in the future.” When? An earlier post says there is no timeline. Then does “in the future” really mean anything?

Insync still hasn’t answered who were the executives, admins, and engineers, who okayed this disastrous move to version 3. What were the reasons (not excuses!) for removing insync-headless?

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another one (me) hardly waiting for a version 3 with headless support.

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+1, please.
Removing CLI is always a bad idea!

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Hi @walti! Thank you for the honest feedback!

Do you mind sharing your feedback and use case in this thread? :slight_smile: