Please keep the dropdown menu in mac



I’m very happy with InSync, and one of the most important features to me is having a dropdown feed from the top bar without any windows opening.

I understand that in 1.5 you introduced a new resizable window that pops up when you click on the InSync icon.

I tested it and let’s just say the feed was so much better that I downgraded back to 1.4.9.

Please give the user the option to have the dropdown feed for mac.




Hey @heiba,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ll inform our team about the feedback. :slight_smile: Any particular reason why you want the dropdown menu back?


Hello @Gregory, thanks for the response. The dropdown is a much better UX than the window. I can just click on the icon, get a dropdown where i can see the feed and everything, then I can just click anywhere on the screen and the dropdown disappears - which is great because I don’t want a sticky window sticking on my screen till i close it.

There 3 important notes:

  • I’m a user that has several windows open at the same time and adding an extra window makes my screen even more crowded. On the contrary the dropdown menu stands out because it’s always fixed at the top and very easily opened and closed without extra clicks.
  • On my mac, I use several fullscreens, i.e. I open Chrome in full screen. The window mode doesn’t work well in that case too, because the window would open in the desktop screen or it would overlap the chrome fullscreen, both options are bad. On the contrary, the dropdown just opens on any fullscreen without causing any issues or forcing me to go back to the desktop screen.
  • The InSync application doesn’t really require it’s own dedicated window, the dropdown has more than enough, no need to give more screen realstate. I have a an called “Quick View Calendar” all it does is a dropdown calendar from the top menu, because the normal mac calendar forces me to open a new window just to see a quick look at the calendar. Same applies exactly to InSync. I don’t need to open a new window, I just need a very quick look at the feed see what’s updated, and then I click anywhere else, and it’s gone.

So overall, atleast provide the option to the user to choose between window mode or dropdown mode :slight_smile:

Much thanks


Thanks for the awesome feedback, @heiba! I’ll course this through our team which will definitely help them. :slight_smile: If you have any more thoughts or ideas, just let me know!


I think we’re seeing two use cases here.

@heiba probably opens Insync mostly just to check the feed. Then just a tray popup makes sense.
Some other users (like me) who use the selective sync/file explorer panel more often would definitely like a standalone window.

This is probably why many sync clients (e.g. official Google & Dropbox clients) show a popup to show feed upon first click, and then show a standalone window when you go into settings/preferences etc. This is way we can perhaps get the best of both worlds. Maybe Insync can consider a similar approach.


That’s a great way of putting it @Hawk. In your personal use case, would having the standalone window just for settings and preferences be enough for you?


hi @heiba, we appreciate the feedback. I’m curious about what details you check on the Insync feed:

And it seems that you prefer to have an easier way to exit out of Insync. What do you think of a keyboard shortcut like esc to exit?


Good way to put it @Hawk. Do you use both the feed and file manager on Insync? Do you go between the two app screens often?


I think so.
I prefer a standalone window for the file explorer.
I prefer just a popup for the feed.
I don’t have a strong preference for most of the other panels.


In normal daily use, no. The feed alone mostly suffice.
When doing a somewhat complex and large scale file operation, yes.
Hmmm… I see how this can create a dilemma for UI design.

I think this’ll work nicely at least as a temporary solution.


Hello all,

Just a quick clarification from my side, it’s not just the feed that I check, it’s also the progress, incoming shares, actions required and errors. I currently as of 1.4.9 just click on the InSync icon at the menu bar - regardless of whichever screen or window I am in, and do all my actions, and then just click away easily and be done :slight_smile: No need for a popup window, no need for anything more.


I prefer everything in one place and be accessible from the menu bar icon. Wouldn’t it be better to make an option where the user can choose between menu bar dropdown tray and between a standalone window ?


No an esc shortcut is not good enough. I don’t want a standalone window to start with. I need just a tray from the menu bar icon


Thanks for sharing, @heiba! I’ll inform our team about this. :slight_smile:


At least make it a proper window if you make it a window. A non-resizable window, non-natively styled, with window decorations on the wrong side is abhorrent.


I second all of the points stated by Heiba, and rather than creating a new thread, I will add my question here:

I just did a fairly large sync on a fresh install running High Sierra - what is the safest way to downgrade to 1.4.x? I don’t want to assume that I can simply quit the app, replace the 1.5.1 application in the Applications folder and then run the previous version without something going awry. Or can I?

I have a presentation at a university coming up tomorrow and I can’t afford to have an obtrusive window in my way and wish to downgrade asap without having to resync/ jeopardise my data.

Thank you!


@milehighsounds Sorry for not replying sooner! What you said about downgrading is correct (quit 1.5 > run 1.4). However, we really only encourage users to revert to an older version when it’s absolutely necessary (i.e. current version crashes + other critical issues) especially since we release version auto-updates.

Rest assured we’ve taken note of your feedback regarding the dropdown option! As mentioned, we’ll discuss this with the team and make sure to update Mac users accordingly. :slight_smile:


The drop down menu was definitely better in my opinion as it was seamless to check latest file syncs etc. then return to other windows rather than having to explicitly close the window


I’ll +1 you on this. :wink:


Another vote for dropdown to return.


So any news guys ? Has it been added back ? I’m still on version 1.4.9 and really wish I could upgrade to 1.5.6 but not gonna do it if it hasn’t got the tray.