Problem with 1.3.14 on Ubuntu 16.10

With the last version i have sync permission problem :
"Can’t process … Insufficient permissions for the specified parent"

I check my unix permission, but everything seems ok.
Any idea ? Where can i sent the log ?

@reyman: Apologies for the trouble. Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files.

FYI - I had this issue as well, on a laptop where I am dual-booting Win10 and Ubuntu 16.10. The laptop has been configured with three partitions, one each for Win and Linux, and a third formatted as NTFS for my data. insync running on Ubuntu syncs the folder to the NTFS partition. I use Ubuntu the most, so it gets the sync duties, but when I happen to boot to Win10, I have my data accessible. It will sync the next time I boot to Linux.

This works fine, EXCEPT: When using Win10, you have to configure it to properly shut down. The default setup will use a “fast shutdown” and “fast boot” setup whereby it does a partial hibernate. This will leave your NTFS partition in a “locked” state, and Ubuntu will not mount it read-write on the next boot if this happens. You have to go boot back into Win10, change the setting, and do a proper shutdown.

If this setup sounds similar to something you’re doing, do a Google search for the error you had. I’m pretty sure that’s where I started when it happened to me.