Queue Management


When I’m syncing a large batch of files, it would be nice to actually see the Queue (folder based?) rather than just the number of files left, or what is currently syncing. This would also allow us to prioritize certain files/folder for faster syncing. There have been many times that I’ve been stuck waiting for 2 large files to finish so that a smaller text file can sync.

Speaking of 2 files, can there be an option to specify how many active sync threads are running? 2 is fine when I’m mobile, but in my home or office (where my connection is much faster), I’d rather have 8 files syncing simultaneously or something. Or is this a Google Drive limitation?

Reset queue (1.6 Million items)

Very much need this functionality to monitor, particularly given the size of files I need to work with in GDrive.


Thanks for the input, we’re considering this in 2.0



So did this make it into the 2.0 features list?


Any decent FTP software has this functionality - cloud sync software, especially paid, ought to as well.

Please consider for upcoming update - it would save the day!


This is being considered post 1.4 :slight_smile: