Reset queue (1.6 Million items)


Is there a way to reset a borked queue? I’ve symlinked a projects folder with multiple projects in it to Insync and it tries to sync it for couple of weeks now. Working day and night. Using huge amount of CPU and energy which I need otherwise sometimes (It drains the battery real quick).

Can I reset the queue, ie. by deleted the items from a internal database or something?

I’ve read Queue Management and Empty queue that have 1.500.000 files in queue
but I could not see any help there.


I’m in the same boat, unfortunately: InSync keeps trying to resync files in an excluded(!) directory that contains symlinks to other directories. Same symptoms: high CPU load (and therefore battery drain)
This has been going on for about a year, and haven’t been able to fix it…
What I do right now is temporarily switch on InSync to update any new files, then quit it manually. Hardly ideal, but it appears to be a thorny problem…

Still have the problem. Hopefully 3.x can help me.

We’ve release 3.0.15 on our site, which should help with high CPU load, sync performance, etc.

However, Insync 3 still doesn’t support symlink syncing for now though :frowning: