Removed files appear as incoming shares


Whenever I “remove” a file using Google Drive on the web, it then appears as an “incoming share” on InSync. If I then delete the file on my machine manually, my account shows as fully synced, how do I get InSync to just remove files which I delete using the online interface?


Can you let me know your OS?

Unfortunately I’m using Windows 10.

Can you send in your logs so we can check this out?

cc @dipesh


I have just tried replicating this with a few scenarios for the logs but it doesn’t appear to be happening any more.
At the time I was moving loads of files in all sorts of different directions but it appears to be fine now.

Thanks anyway.


This problem has started again.
How would you like me to get the logs over to you?


Send them along with the link to this post to :slight_smile:How to find the log files