Right-click Explorer menu item disappeared

I reinstalled the beta version with 1.2.3, and now I’m completely missing the context menu item in Explorer (Win 7).

@peci1Please try to install Insync as an Admin. Let me know if this works.

Thank you. :smile:

@RoaldCasildo That didn’t help.

@peci1:Is your main Insync folder set up on an external/network drive? If not, then kindly send to us an email at support@insynchq.com and we will schedule a remote desktop support session with you to look further into it.


I’m having this issue running V1.3.2.36049

Sync icons also missing… no idea what has and what has not sync’d?


@Daryl_Ross: Did you install Insync as administrator? Are you using Windows 8?


Yes, installed as administrator… Windows 10x64.


Any updates on a solution?

@Daryl_Ross: Sorry for the delayed response. Please send across the Insync logs so that we could look into it:


Great… how should I send the log file?

@Daryl_Ross: Please send it to support@insynchq.com


I have the same problem, once the program is installed I can not see the menu via Windows Explorer, the program and installed it twice with administrator privileges. Thanks and stay tuned to your comments.

Hi there, please your logs to support@insynchq.com: How to find the log files

Thanks! :slight_smile: