Selective Unsync



This is more a usability thing. There might be a way to do this but I haven’t figured it out.

I have folder that is synced to Google Drive, but in that folder, I want to exclude some files/folder Is there a way to this, without excluding the parent folder and then adding the children, except the one I’m (not) interested in? I tried to click “selectively unsync”, but that removed the folder from my hard drive. I want it the other way round, keep it on my local drive and not sync it to Google Drive.



Hi @caiusb,

Yes, the only way to do this is using selective sync. Since you mention it removes your account, please send us your logs.db and out.txt file and we will investigate what causing the issue to

Also, include the link of this post.

Thank you.



I am also concerned in this soulution - selective unsync that leave files\folders locally and do not sync it to GDrive (now it works the other way - it leave files\folders on GDrive and delete it locally).
Is it solved?



@Qba Please send us your logs.db and out.txt to investigate what causing your issue.

Thank you.



I just tried to selectively unsync a folder;
the result is that the folder is deleted from the local hard
drive but still remains as a google drive folder, that is quite
the opposite of what I was expecting!!

I’m working with a 15.05 64 bit ubuntu

Thanks for your support



@fabio_stefani: Apologies for the trouble. What result were you expecting?


Thank you for your answer.

I’m expecting that a directory that is selectively unsynchronized will be kept on
the local machine without being uploaded to the google drive server, in order to
save drive space for files I don’t care about. It is not like this that that option is supposed
to work?

Thanks again,



@fabio_stefani: I see. We implemented it that way to save space on the local hard drive. If the user needs the files in the future then she could just choose to selectively sync them again.


Ah ok it’s clear now!

There is no way to obtain the result that I was expecting?
Generally speaking, the space available for local file storage
is greater than that available on google drive, hence the interest
of this feature.




@fabio_stefani: Apologies for not replying sooner. We’re considering setting it as an option instead but it might not be added anytime soon.


Hi @lpugoy
is there a solution for this problem already? I was looking for the same solution as @fabio_stefani.



@simoenli: Sorry, no implementation for this yet.


@Ipugoy are you working on this? any idea when it will be implemented?


@simoenli: Sorry, we’re not working on this feature yet.


Hey guys at InSync, it seems you do not see how important it is for Selective Sync to work appropriately so as to save space in the Cloud, NOT in the PC! We do NOT want files to be DELETED LOCALLY when unsynced! As you can see from the comments above, I´m not the only one requesting this feature!

I love Insync, but you should put this one in your priority list for Insync 2.0!

Is there a way to at least use the Ignore List in order to NOT upload a specific folder (but not deleting it locally) ?



@Birosca: To add a local folder to the ignore list please try the following steps:

  1. Move the folder out of your Insync folder.
  2. Wait for the changes to sync.
  3. Add the folder’s name to the ignore list. The ignore list is only compared with the folder’s name, so don’t include the full path.
  4. Move back the folder to your Insync folder.

Moving the folder out of the Insync folder is necessary because the ignore list is only applied to new files. If the folder is already being synced then it is not new anymore.

Also please note that this will ignore all new files with the same name.


This is madness!

First, I can’t believe you are deleting our files without being really, really sure that we want them to be deleted. There should be some kind of ‘this will remove this directory from your local drive…are you sure?’ message.

Second, as the others have done, I also interpreted the option to ‘Unsync’ to mean that the local files would no longer be synchronised to the cloud, not that they would no longer exist on my local drive. If you had a confirmation message it would at least raise alarm bells, and in my case I would have cancelled the operation and double-checked what the command really does.

Third, this is not just about saving space; I would imagine that’s of minor importance to most people. In my case I was trying to set Insync up to ignore my node_modules directories in my Nodejs projects. Those directories often contain platform-specific code, and since I’m mirroring between Ubuntu and Mac OS it’s more trouble than it’s worth to copy those sub-directories. I thought it would be a simple case of setting the ignore list to exclude ‘node_modules’ followed by doing an ‘Unsync’.

But I was wrong, and now I’m sitting waiting (an hour or so now) for the sync to finish before I can restore the files. All very embarrassing when working in a client’s office!

By the way, I really like Insync. :wink:


Now there is an extra option (at least on the windows version), shown as “Remove from Insync”. this option keeps you local folder exactly on the same place with all of its files. And on your Google Drive account the file is sent to the trash. If you want to keep the file in you Google Drive too, just locate you file folder/file and restore it.

You still have to do this in 2 steps, but gets the job done.

NOTE: This only works for files/folders that are outside your Main Local Folder (Local Google Drive Folder)


Would appreciate the “Remove from Insync” functionality on macOS as well.


I ran into the same stupid issue as well. If I want to unsync files or folders it should remain on my LOCAL system. The common reason why one wants to unsync is that the cloud storage is full! Please do look into this. I did always like insynq and have promoted this software a lot, but this just ruined my day. I am now copying and replacing lots of files I just sent to oblivion on my hard disk.
This is not a bug is a bug as big as can be. I am asked for constructive criticism. Alright, I really want to be polite, but if I see how this ‘feature’ is bugging people than please take action. How bad is to have two tastes of unsync- keep local/ unsync keep cloud e.g? That would really make sense to have choice.